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Hyundai HY25032C Submersible Pump

The HY25032C is a powerful electric clean water submersible pump from Hyundai. Powered by a 250W professionally engineered Hyundai electric motor the HY25032C has a pumping capacity of 6000 litres per hour. With a maximum submersion depth of 5m and a maximum delivery height of 6m the HY25032C has an outlet hose size of 25mm - 32mm (1” to 1 ¼”) 3 metre hose included with this pump. 
The HY25032C is ideal for a wide range of clean water pumping applications, fitted with an automatic float switch for water level control the HY25032C has a low consumption electric motor with overload protection. 
Ideal for draining ponds, sinks, baths, hot tubs, swimming pools and general transfer or draining of clean water the HY90038C can pump water up to temperature of 35 °C and handle debris and particles up to 5mm. 
Weighing only 3.8kg the HY25032C is lightweight and compact due to it plastic design. Equipped with a 10m power cable gives great flexibility and distance away from the nearby power source, the molded carry handle increases portability. 
It is recommended that an RCD is always used with a submersible pump as should be the case whenever electrical products are used near water. 
In The Box: HY25032C Submersible Water Pump, Hose Connector & User Manual. 
With low service and maintenance requirements, the HY25032C Electric Submersible Water Pump is incredibly user friendly. 
Cable Length (m) 10.00 
Plug Type 13A 
Warranty 3 Year 
Dimensions (mm) (LxWxH) 225 x 150 x 350 
Manufacturer Hyundai 
Power Consumption (W) 250.00 
Fueled/Driven by Electric 
Flow Rate (l/hr) 6000.00 
Max Head (m) 6.00 
Max Solids (mm)* 5.00 
Max. Depth (m) 7.00 
IP Rating IPX8 
*Risk of damage to the appliance. 
The particle size mentioned does not refer to sand or stones but rather to soft flexible particles such as fluff and similar which the rotor cannot wedge inside the pump. 
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