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X-Series X8

With its diverse range of jets, the X-Series offers everything you need for a varied hydrotherapy experience. In other aspects, too, it ensures the very best in terms of affordable performance: from design to workmanship, from ease of operation to energy efficiency. So this series is ideal for those who have only just discovered wellness. Or for maximalists who expect the best possible performance for their budget. And also for individualists seeking something special. An ideal hot tub for small spaces.  
Model: X8  
Length: 239 cm  
Width: 239 cm  
Height: 91 cm  
Shape: Square  
Technical Information  
Number of recliners/seats: 8 seats  
Comfortable neck cushion: 4 pieces  
Weight with cover Dry: 344KG  
Weight with cover Filled: 2184 kg  
Capacity (to fill line): 1840L - Capacity Max: 2314L  
Pump performance: 2 pumps 2 HP  
Colour combination:  
Inside shell: Platinum  
Outer panelling: Harbour Grey  
Cover: Ash Grey 
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